Peloponnese Road Trip – Lake Kaiafas

We left Methoni Castle and headed North up the coast to Lake Kaiafas to stay at this little family owned hotel. We booked 4 nights as an opportunity to use it as a base of operations which in hindsight was a mistake. Why you ask? read on …

Perhaps this is the reason I don’t have many pictures for this post?

Hmmm the Greeks only speak Greek

We checked in to the Kaiafas Lake Hotel for a four night stay in two rooms. The hotel has good reviews, breakfast included (a $$ saver), a pool for Ben and the proximity to surrounding sites. We booked and paid through so were a bit surprised on check-in when the clerk/manager/owner asked for payment in his very little English. After some discussion, he said, “It is okay, please …” and we got our keys.

The hotel is owned by two brothers and the whole family participates in the upkeep.  The Father of the two brothers sits and reads the paper and offers a friendly hello each morning.

Personally I loved this hotel. We were in very spacious rooms on the top floor with a great balcony to watch the sunsets. The location was great for morning runs along the mountains and I saw turtles swimming in the lake by the road and farmers looking after their sheep.

The drawbacks

Breakfast the first morning was terrible; the coffee was lukewarm and only after talking to the “Grandfather” were we able to get a fresher pot. Except it tasted like dishwater. The owner came along and he brewed us two greek coffee – I think we are still awake from that dose! The rest of the food was meh! The next couple of days the breakfast steadily improved to the point where it was awesome! The owner’s wife made us plates of fried dough balls which you eat drizzled with honey.

The downside to the area is that most things are closed in the low season. Finding restaurants that were open and cheap were a problem and groceries were limited. We also found the WIFI at the hotel to be extremely limiting. While not a big issue for Colleen and I, it did pose a problem for the girls and their online studies.

Every day around 4pm a tour bus would arrive and a gaggle of people with luggage would disembark, get rooms, eat dinner and then leave the next morning. While not an issue for us it was interesting to watch the chaos from our balcony.

Sunset over Lake Kaiafas
Walking along the Lake
The other side of the Lake
We meet a family of dogs

A Natural Spring

This little building houses a natural water spring that is overflowing. You have to wade through the water to get to the source. English written on the walls warns you to not go swimming as the water has natural healing properties. Needless to say we did not drink the water.

A local Spring for fresh water
Our little car rental outside the Spring
The hills/mountains make for great running in the morning

Final Thoughts

Overall we enjoyed the hotel and the surrounding area. It gave us a better perspective on life as a local. It was a bit frustrating with everything closed down because of the Low Season and would be neat to visit in the summertime when visitors are at peak.

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  1. Well, you can’t blame the beer. Beer is what makes things go and obviously you needed a rest with lots of beer. Low season in a tourist area can be a bummer. It looks very nice. What was the temp? Did you go swimming? How many fresh water lakes does Greece have? Did the dogs leave you alone after smelling Ben?

    Keep it coming

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