Japan Airlines (JAL) Business Class Sky Suites

Our journey to the far side of earth started in style in the British Airways Lounge. Our pre departure time whizzed by too quickly before we boarded the Japan Airlines (JAL) flight from Boston to Tokyo and settled into our business class. All thanks to the Queen of Points, Colleen.

Total Cost for the Five of Us:  $331.24 CDN.

I have to admit I was looking forward to these hacked business class seats. With a 13 hour flight time to Japan, I was thankful to stretch out…. Or rather, lie down, in our personal little cubicles.

Pod Living

The JAL Sky Suite suites were pretty sweet.

But truthfully they’re really just a pod in the sky. Certainly way better than an economy seat, they were very comfortable and folded down into a fully lie flat bed.

Ben enjoyed the large screen TV and watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Emma was quite relaxed.

Dinner is Served

Everyone was excited to try Japanese food so we all ordered the Japanese selection. It was a multi-course meal service full of unique tastes and took us a good two hours into our long-haul flight.

I am literally amazed that Ben tried every single bit of food put in front of him. This runs the gamut from squid and tofu to pork belly, kelp, and other stuff.

It also included a bamboo skewer we found Ben chewing on vigorously. And a piece of green plastic that divided the wasabi from the Bento selection. We can’t figure out how he could even think it was edible. Fortunately he spit that out on his own just before we had to intervene.

Hats off to Ben.

Fortunately for me, beer tastes good in any country!

Jet Lag Still Sucks

Despite the full length lie flat beds, none of us slept well and our internal clocks still haven’t adjusted to the 13 hour time difference here in Japan. Go figure.

On the bright side, breakfast at our hotel starts at 6:30 a.m. so we don’t have too long to wait after giving up on sleeping in.

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