A Day of Prices in Cambodia

It was a tough day of leisure. Well, we had some chores. Like getting the laundry done and finding an ATM and some toiletries. But overall, it was another day off from touring around. We also fit in haircuts, some foot massage, and pedicures. It seems like we spent money all day long.

What did it cost?

You may be surprised…

Laundry – $1/kg

We started our morning with errands and laundry was our first order of business. We only had to drop the laundry off in the lobby of our hotel. Pick up was the following morning. Wash and fold only. Although there are cheaper options than $1/kg, we prefer our clothes washed in a machine. In Vietnam laundry was $2/kg.

We had 7 kilos of laundry so $7 total.

Colgate Toothpaste 137 grams – $1.20

Argh… only a few hours old and already squeezed in the middle!

Sunscreen from France via Thailand – $13.45

Ouch, pretty steep. There were plenty of waaay cheaper brands but this is the only one that didn’t have a ‘skin whitening’ component. And we desperately needed a restock.

Dasani Bottled Water 1.5 Litre – $0.40

Canadia Bank ATM fee – $5

(grr – and that Bank name is not a spelling error)

Haircut – $3 (plus a 33% tip)

Guy on the left getting his pores cleaned.

For six weeks now Rob has been complaining about his hair. He passed barber shops in Japan, Vietnam and in Phnom Penh without engaging them. Then he would go on again about how he needed a haircut. He was going to pass this one too but at my urging he agreed to check it out. I don’t really blame him for being reluctant. I can imagine what crazy price he would have been offered in Vietnam.

$3 for a haircut!

No haggling. Air conditioning inside! Complimentary filtered water. This is a full service Barber. I was mesmerized by the man getting the ear wax cleaned out of his ears with a long slender metal instrument.

Rob was so pleased that he was able to get the exact same haircut he’s been getting for the last 31 years he tipped a whopping 33% – a whole dollar. And he brought Ben back for a haircut too.

The guy to the left of Ben is also getting his ear wax treated. Rob took a clever mirror shot to capture the action.

Lunch out at a restaurant catering to tourists – $20.20

Five entrees, two smoothies and fifty cent draft beer!

All the dishes got some serious thumbs up. We even had to go back the next day.

Awesome (Ben) Hamburger – $3
5/5 (Ben) Pizza – $5
Fish Amok (Colleen’s favourite Cambodian dish) – $3.50
Yummy Chicken Curry – $3
Mango Chicken Salad – $2.50

After lunch, the girls decided it was time for a bit of pampering. It was mostly prompted from some clever signage across the street.

The fish spa was closed so we went a few doors down to a proper spa.

30 minute foot massage – $2

OMGosh! I want another. A full hour was $3 but I thought that was a bit decadent (the length, not the price). Pure enjoyment for our over worked feet.

Pedicure – $3 ($4 with polish)

This was the most meticulous pedicure I’ve had. The pleasant staff flattered me as I enjoyed time with my ‘sisters’, Hannah and Emma. Not one of us had a camera to capture our time at the spa.

Dinner out – $25.25

Another exceptional meal at the Hot Stone Seafood restaurant (we were there the previous night). More draft beer at $1 per glass.

Prawns in Coconut Cream (OMG) – $2.25
Spaghetti Carbonera – $4

After dinner we walked back to our hotel and settled in for the night. It’s pretty cool to have such a decadent day for five people and not have to worry about prices at all.




7 Replies to “A Day of Prices in Cambodia”

  1. I am finally caught up on all posts. You guys are freaking awesome. Thanks for sharing all the stories (glad to hear Hannah is okay, did she get her scar?) and perspectives of money, culture, history etc.
    I am looking forward to future entries.

    1. Hi Valerie,
      I think it’s funny you need to start at the beginning too. Thanks for reading. Hannah still has a ‘mark’. I’m sure it will be a scar for a decade or three. I guess since it’s her first serious injury, she’s allowed to be dramatic about it. Thirty years hence, she’ll be glad it’s faded away, I’m sure.

  2. Under a $100.00 Not a bad day. What is fish “Amok” The food looks great! Glad Rob got a haircut, I was starting to be embarrassed by his long hair. I am amazed at the prices. Would you retire there? Or Vietnam? I have a friend that is talking about that. I showed him your post and he is going there in November with his wife.

    1. It was quite an expensive day relative to others. I’ll post our Cambodian daily average once all the bills come in. I’m almost ready to do Vietnam.

      Fish Amok is a thick fish curry with coconut and kaffir lime leaves. Super yummy. Some call it the national dish of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

      No, we wouldn’t retire here. Though there are lots of expats. We’ll do a post on our overall impressions of both Vietnam and Cambodia and go into details there. Though basically, there is too much garbage and it’s simply too hot for me to want to live here permanently.

      I’m pretty certain we’re not retiring abroad. Snowbirds for sure. I can see living in a new country/city each winter. But not the same one each time. Though maybe we’ll find the ‘perfect’ city and won’t want to leave.

  3. Hi guys!

    I finally got to reading and am now all caught up on your adventures so far. What an amazing trip! So glad Hannah’s injury was so well taken care of. Great job on the blog!

    I am headed to the famous FInCon in Dallas later in October so that should be interesting. A guy is doing a documentary about FIRE (playing with FIRE) so I’m hoping to help out as a volunteer in Dallas. I think the doc will be really interesting. It will track he and his wife going from expensive life in San Diego to a frugal life on the path to FI. He’s already been to Longmont, met Vicki Robin (your money or your life), is going to the Chautauqua and will be in Florida for Camp Mustache SE (now Camp FI) which I’m also going to.

    I will likely be in Mexico to get my Dad settled in Dec. 1-7 or so. Any chance you’ll be in Mexico by then for a meet-up?

    Excited to be following along! All the best to you all.

    1. Hey Marla!
      Sounds like a very cool documentary.
      Darn, we’ll still be on the repositioning cruise during your time in Mexico. We disembark in Buenos Aires on 7 December, your last day in Mexico. Did you book airfare? Argentina?

  4. Sorry, I did check your itinerary after hitting send ?. I can’t do Argentina in December…but realized Mexico (or somewhere near) might work when I head back to Mexico in April to bring my Dad back. I will keep following to see if a meet-up can work somewhere!

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