Venice – the burbs, the canals and the wine

The Plan

Colleen did her homework on this one (like all of our moves) and two options for our Venice stay were in play. The first choice was an affordable VRBO right in the heart of the old city, overlooking the canals and even close to some food markets. Great location, easy access from the train station, and in the heart of Venice!

After three days of trying to book it and being told by VRBO that our multiple credit cards had been declined, we finally gave up. Our credit card was no good?! We spent a bit of time on the phone with the card company who assured everything was good on our end. Rather the IT folks at VRBO could not capture the correct information on their booking platform.  We still had money – phew!

Plan B

We ended up going with our second choice, the Four Points by Sheraton Le Mestre. It was a brand new and modern hotel that seems to cater to business people. The breakfast spread was awesome. It was a short five minute walk to the train terminal and we were enroute to the Old City (19 minute train ride to the centre). They even upgraded us to sweet suite! Walking to the train, the kids remarked how it was like our own neighbourhood in Barrhaven. Mestre like Barrhaven? Does that mean Ottawa is the Venice of Canada?  Read on to find out …


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Florence / Firenze

Leaving Rome was a tough choice after such a short visit but we wanted to see more of Italy. We took the high speed train in the late morning and arrived in the afternoon to a blustery day in Firenze. Our hotel, the B4 Astoria, is an eclectic and beautiful building with rooms dating back to the 15th Century. Outside our suite we had a stellar view of the Duomo. We all loved Firenze!

A room with a view!

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Ciao Roma / Hello Rome

Following an overnight flight from Bangkok we arrived in Rome first thing in the morning. The crisp air in the sunshine was a welcome relief to South-East Asia hot temperatures. We waited 30 minutes for a bus downtown which dropped us within walking distance of our hotel, Le Meridien. A great location – about 2 minute walk to the Tiber River and only 2km to the Vatican. The rooms which had breakfast included were great value.

A quick breakfast and we are ready to explore ….

Smiling because it is 17 degrees (instead of 35) in the Sun along the banks of the Tiber

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