Argentina – The Bus, Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Salta

Buenos Aires

I don’t know why we didn’t like Buenos Aires more?  Perhaps because of our budget, concerns over safety, or it was just too big and impersonal.  We arrived on the 7th of December from the Cruise ship and made our way to our first hotel the Sheraton Liberador.  It was a nice hotel although the elevators never seemed to work properly and getting service in the lounge was like pulling teeth.  On the plus side, we received two bottles of red wine for being platinum members.

One of the Statues in Plaza Libertad

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… And We are Back

After 19 days, 8 ports, 6,000 nautical miles and $975CAD in tips we are back on terra firma (thanks Estelle for the word choice!). We are currently in Buenos Aires and looking at options of where to go next.  As a side note, the water going down the drain or when you flush does go counter clockwise!

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