We’re just a little off the beaten track. We travelled the world with our three teens. And now we’re trying out expat life.

This is us…

We’re Rob and Colleen. And Hannah, Emma and Ben.

We retired in our forties and took our two teens and a tween on a year long round the world adventure. This was a big deal for us and took about four years to save for.

Where we’ve been…

From Kyoto Japan to the Salt Flats in Bolivia, Iguazu and Victoria Falls, a Safari in Botswana and a South African Road Trip, Machu Picchu, Siem Reap, the Amazon Basin … the list goes on as we zig-zagged our way around the world. Injured in Danang. Swimming with piranhas. (These last two are not related.) We even let our kids jump off the tallest bungee bridge in the world.

Where we’re going…

After our year of RTW travels we went back to Canada for Hannah’s last year of high school.

Now, we’re back out there (though with a couple less kids).

You can be sure Hannah and Emma will join up with us. We’re officially tugging Ben along. Oh, and it’s not like I could forget – Rob unretired. That’s a thing.

This choice was not financially motivated. It’s just some opportunities are too good to pass up. He has some regrets.