What it Costs

We’re Sharing All our RTW Trip Expenses

What do you get when you combine geographic arbitrage with some travel hacks and add in some general badassity?

An epic round the world adventure that isn’t nearly as expensive as you likely think.

This world travel family is on a budget for sure. But we’re still travelling in style.. We’ll share all our travel expenses here. Down to every last crappy Canadian penny.

I’ve tracked our everyday spending for at least a decade now so I’ve got that part down no problem. But I haven’t figured out the best way to share our daily travel spending here on the blog.

I’ll figure it out. But this is what I’ve come up with so far. We have a target budget that we’d like to stay below. Read about it here.

You can read the trip cost details for specific destinations in these posts:



Stay tuned for the rest of our RTW trip costs as they unfold.