Peloponnese Road Trip – Olympia

Olympia is one of those ‘bucket list’ destination sites that you need to visit at least once. It was incredible to see the history and the grandeur in this wonderful location.

Although I have to admit it reminded me of Downtown Disney with the restaurants and stores coupled with a number of first class Museums and the ancient grounds where the Olympics first started.

Bronze helmet, circa 500 BC

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Bangkok (One Night or more) …

Air Travel

The options for travel to Bangkok from Siem Reap were many.  We looked at planes, trains, buses and cars. Funny enough, the best solution for a family of five was flying.  It took away some headaches of multiple transfers and it got us to our destination the fastest.

Travelling from a hotel to the airport is a big deal when you are a big family.  For example, in Ottawa, to ask for a cab to the airport for five requires an extra $15 which is absurd.  We avoid it every chance we get so imagine our chagrin in Siem Reap at the Le Meridien when they slipped in a $19USD car to the airport.  Ooh it burns, when we should have crossed the street and tried to find a guy with a private car.   There is always a guy with a private car in South-east Asia.  We waited in the lounge at the airport and had to buy lunch.  We knew we would pay airport prices.  Burger King was a request by someone who likes burgers.  Not only was it pricey, the burgers were definitely not the same size that we get in North America.  Burn number 2.

We arrived in Bangkok without incident.  Read about immigration and the crazy taxi rules (here).

At the entrance to the Palace

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