Groceries, Toiletries & Cerveza in Quito, Ecuador

Vegetable selection at SuperMaxi

I previously reported that we spent about $36 USD per day at the grocery in Quito. And that dining out probably would have been cheaper.

That’s not really accurate. I’ve updated my spread sheet and can see the real numbers with some real math.

Although we did typically spend about $36 USD at the grocery store for each shop, we didn’t shop everyday. And I wasn’t always good at breaking out the inedible items, like the toilet paper and laundry soap that we had to buy for the first time. And then there were other kitchen start up costs that weren’t already in the fridge or cupboard like condiments, cooking oil and spices.

So it was less expensive to cook for ourselves than dining out. But not by much. Dining out is worth the not so big splurge in Quito.

Unfortunately I only had one grocery receipt that was still readable. I also broke out some individual items in the notebook in which I record ALL our spending. So for those of you who love this kind of data, here are some prices for things we bought in Ecuador: Continue reading “Groceries, Toiletries & Cerveza in Quito, Ecuador”

Ecuador – Where We Stayed, What We Missed & Some Logistics

Eugenio Espejo (1747-1795), one of Quito’s most famous sons, a noted medical pioneer, lawyer and activist

Ecuador, Months ago, I had big plans for you.

The Galapagos, Quito, Cuenca, Guayaquil, the Equator, the Amazon basin.

After six months of traveling and an illness in Cusco Peru that wiped out almost all of us, we landed in Quito more than a bit tired of moving around. We settled into our hotel and almost immediately started to look for an apartment for a bit of a break. Maybe a week would be good. This was in addition to an upcoming month we already anticipated in Nicaragua
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