Tacos, Seriously Yum

Check this out – Tacos!

OMGosh these things are seriously good. Give me a minute here.

Once we discovered how to really make them, there was no going back. I think we may be at 28 out of 33 days of tacos. And that’s not counting lunch tacos with leftovers.

Preparing to feast

Corn tacos. Flour tacos. Beef versus chicken. Fish tacos! And the toppings. Diced tomatoes, onions, green peppers, avocado. Rice. Refried beans. Holy, who came up with this stuff?!

We rarely had tacos at home. Those hard shell corn tacos only appealed to one of us, hello Ben. Good thing too, because I think we may owe our taco heaven to Ben.

He requested tacos for dinner. We bought some corn tortillas at the grocer. Mediocre at best. A cold corn taco right out of the bag. Now I see that no matter how good the toppings, these cold corn tacos were bound to fail.

It all starts with the taco.

Trust me here. That flour or corn tortilla you have from the bag? It’s okay. But you’ve got to fry that baby up.

A crispy tortilla served with yogurt, cheese and lime

Drop it in a hot pan with a bit of oil. When it puffs up a bit turn it over. This is the secret. It is the basis for anything you put on top of it.

Its better than fresh baked bread, dare I say.

There’s no going back though. So give it some thought before you commit to a life long addiction to these yummy little saucers of goodness.

Personally I prefer my tacos with some rice. Specifically rice with a giant handful of chopped cilantro mixed into the pot. Seriously good stuff. Thank you Holiday Inn Panama Canal.

Rice and cilantro make a perfect combination

I also prefer my tacos a little on the crunchy side. Maybe even a bit burned.

I’m torn between flour tacos and corn tacos. One of each is a nice compromise.

Ben is a staunch lover of ground beef on corn tacos but I’m sure he’ll sway when we get back home to some good beef steak.

I’m looking forward to trying pulled pork on a taco. But I’ve never done that at home. See how taco goodness is making me think?

There is this funny looking cilantro here in Nicaragua. Jagged edges. It even pricks my hand. Its super yummy though and at about eight cents a bunch, it was added to everything (when the grocer had it).

We’ve topped these tacos with fresh stringy cheese that comes in a big ball  (a stringy ball of cheese curds) and plain yogurt.

Once upon a time, maybe decades ago, I asked my neighbour if she had sour cream since we had none. She suggested plain yogurt?! Being a sour cream purist, I said no way. But we lived next to each other for years so I finally had to give in. Thanks Jen!

Plain yogurt is a great taco topping

Cebollo y chile… we went through five jars of this stuff during our month in Nicaragua. And six shakers of hot sauce. The cebollo (onion) and Chile salsa was a seriously good condiment. I hope they have this stuff at home.

Now we know why Taco Tuesday is so important!!



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  1. Yogurt! I will have to give it a go. I like tacos and frying it up sounds good. I am with Ben though,…beef and I always have cheese. I have had fish taco’s once and they were delicious. I will have to give rice a try as well, but i think I would mix it with refried beans.

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