Peloponnese Road Trip – Nafplio

We wanted to do a road trip and also see a couple of islands. After doing an assessment of our time available (based on reservations in South Africa – our next destination) we chose to concentrate on the road tirip to the Peloponnese. The first leg was from Athens, through Corinth, to Nafplio. We actually stayed in a small town called Drepano which is along the Agean Sea.

Drepano – Christina’s Apartments

On our balcony – Colleen with a local bottle of olives – they weren’t quite ready yet
The view from our balcony overlooking an Orange Grove


We drove into Nafplio which took about twenty minutes from the apartment. We parked near the Palimidi fortress and wandered about the town. It is absolutely beautiful in the Spring.

Statue of Staikos Staikopoulos who captured the Palamidi Fortress from the Turks in 1822
Staikopoulos Statue as seen through the rebuilt Venetian Land Gate

The Palamidi Fortress – 999 steps of agony

The Fortress was built during the second occupation of the Venetians between 1686 and 1715. It was captured by the Turks in 1715 and held until 1822 when reclaimed by the Greeks. The fortress sitting on a 216 metre high hill has a commanding view of the Bay. The tourist information claims it is 999 steps – which we all call AGONY! It was a good workout to get to the top.

Hannah pauses for a view at the 2/3 of the way up spot
The fortress wall and the city in the distance
The town and the bay
The abandoned hotel and the long wall of the Frankish fortress
The inner courtyard
It’s a long way down …
Hannah with flowers on top of the Fortress. She couldn’t get too close to the flowers because of the bees.
Emma along the lower wall of the Fortress
A sample of good signage or not …
Sitting on the gate under the lion symbol of Venice
Ben pauses for a moment in the Fortress

Spring is in the Air

One of the things I noticed the most in Greece was the abundance of flowers. The scent of flowers was so strong we called it the Stink of Spring.

The flowers of Nafplio
Just growing wild among the rocks
Fields of these flowers along the roadside and sidewalks
The yellow really stands out among all the blue, white and purple
One of my favourites
The poppy grows everywhere

A Swim in the Agean

The kids all wanted to go for a swim. But the water was ice cold so only one stayed in long enough to get fully immersed.

Hannah, Emma and Ben braved the chilly water and went for a swim. Hannah stayed in the longest and dunked!
The beautiful clear water

The view from the Frankish Long Wall

Hannah practiced her auto photo skills and took this photo. I love the angle! The Palimidi Fortress is in the background on the next hill over
Sitting on a ledge overlooking the Agean Sea
Ben and Colleen share a moment on the Frankish wall

Lunch – Gyros what else?

We headed for lunch in the market area with the Fortress looming above us
The local beer – ESA was pretty good
These Gyros were pretty good!

A walk in the Park

Joking around Hannah suggested that it would take the three of them to get her to move!
An Easter display with red eggs which is a Greek tradition
A Baby Chick in the park

The Sleeping Lion or Lion of the Bavarians

Carved in memorial of the officers and soldiers belonging to the Royal Bavarian Guard who died from a Typhus epidemic in the years 1833-1834. The memorial was commissioned by King Ludwig and the sculptor was Christian Zigkel.

Hannah and I below the sleeping lion
The Sleeping Lion

Worth a Visit and a Gyro

Nafplio is a beautiful little town and close to many Archaeological sites such as Ancient Mycenae which is our next post.

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  1. Very excellent shots. I liked the one with all of you by the wall. Very cool indeed. The water looks inviting. Well done Hannah. I would have gone diving and forget the 999 walk up the stairs. Mind you the views were worth it. So well done everyone.

    Beer and a Gyro. Now who could say no to that?

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