Live from Hoi An – the Ancient City

Ever behind. We’d intended on catching up by now. Though there really are not enough hours in a day, regardless of one’s obligations. Somehow it takes us hours in the morning to get it together.  Sigh.

We’re in Hoi An, Vietnam. The Hoi An of the famous Ancient Merchant City variety. We stayed three nights in the old city. And just relocated to the outskirts of Hoi An for some rest and relaxation.

We specifically chose our hotel because it had a lovely looking pool. We enjoyed it yesterday afternoon. This is what we woke up to this morning.


Regardless. We’re enjoying our time here for the most part. I’m getting tired of the tourist prices and have shut down on bargaining. It really is crazy. Nothing is marked. And you can pay a huge range of prices for any one item, even if you know how much it should cost.

It’s tiring. I’m tired of it. Fed up.

Hoi An is a beautiful city. Rather, it could be a beautiful city.

It’s full of garbage. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and it’s full of garbage! Maybe not as bad as Hanoi or Hue. But there is garbage everywhere. The canals are filled with garbage. The beautiful Japanese bridge has garbage around it.

The side streets lit with beautiful lanterns have garbage strewn about.

I shouldn’t be surprised. I saw the food attendant on our Vietnamese Rail car throw garbage out the window as we travelled down the tracks. I wondered how much garbage she was personally responsible for. I also saw an old granny on a tourist dragon boat in Hue throw a plastic bag out the window into the Perfume River. Garbage everywhere. I think they blame it on tourism.

Hoi An is beautiful during the day.

And you really do learn to look past the garbage.

It’s even more beautiful at night. Just gorgeous.

Ancient City at Night

Though, it’s like being in a Disney park. A dirty Disney park. Packed with people. The streets are closed to traffic, but motorcycles are still allowed through. Hundreds of motorcycles honking and spewing exhaust, weaving through the crowds. Or just forcing their way through. This is the low season.

I’m happy to be out of the craziness. I know many people love this kind of chaos. Not me. I sought out some quiet solitude in a lovely little resort. Though I really would like to be enjoying a pool right now.


6 Replies to “Live from Hoi An – the Ancient City”

    1. Funny! The resort is quite charming. Though the electricity is off on the whole grounds (not the rooms). So all the lovely sitting areas in the garden have no fans – a necessity right now. I can’t believe young people travel on a budget with fan only rooms. It’s a sauna here.

  1. The Good,The Bad and The Ugly. I am surprised there is so much garbage. My hat is off to for haggling so much. I would have given up a long time ago.

    1. Sadly we don’t haggle much. Maybe 30% of the time. We just walk away when prices are absurd. Our preference is places with posted signage. We read menus before going into restaurants. We do take some street carts off guard because generally tourists don’t go to them. So they’re not prepared to gouge us much. If we go back, we have our money out when we order and only pay what we did previously.

  2. I love Hoi An! Have a banana pancake from a street vendor. Amazing!
    Unfortunately garbage is going to be an issue everywhere you go. People are just not educated and aware of the consequences.
    Love all your talk of hot and stinky and chaotic! That’s SE Asia in a nut shell. Even here.
    Love your updates.

    1. Hoi An was great! We ate the banana pancakes from a vendor after a little haggling on price. We found a great place in the Ancient City that had great food.

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