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We arrived yesterday at the Protea Hotel Kruger Gate which is beside the famed Kruger National Park along the Sabi River. We spent the day enjoying the hotel and then went on a three hour guided night safari.

Tennis anyone? These Zebras were just hanging out by the tennis courts.

Monkeys are everywhere at the hotel and like to snatch food!

On Safari in Kruger Park

We went to the Park (1 km down the road) joining the other people in our group. We set out at 5 p.m. and spotted these animals in daylight before it became too dark to take photos.

Why did the Hudu (a type of antelope) cross the road? Because he is big enough to do whatever he wants …
There were five Rhinos including a young one. This is a photo of the biggest one.
We saw several zebras in the park (and also three at the hotel). The Burchell Zebra has unique stripes on their body and legs.
This lone male elephant was foraging in the trees. He eats up to 18hrs a day.

The safari was a grand adventure although we didn’t see any lions or leopards we did see owls, a mongoose, a porcupine, a rabbit and a giraffe. Tomorrow we go to the park by ourselves ….


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  1. Good Start. I like the pics. Ok, so what did you see at night? When you go in the park by your self’s are you walking or taking a jeep? It looks busy, and dry. Yet, seeming with diversity of life. Very cool. Enjoy the park!

    1. We saw owls, a mongoose, more rhinos, and an elephant. We only did one guided safari in Kruger Park. The rest were self-drive in our rented Toyota Corolla. It was a good experience but stay tuned for a post on the charging elephant.

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