Kyiv Street Art – Wall Murals

Kyiv has some amazing street art and I love being surprised by these gorgeous wall murals – especially the ones that are scattered about my neighbourhood. I’m particularly delighted by the ones that I didn’t see the first (or fifth) time I walked down the street because it was behind me.

I’ve seen an easy dozen (at least) but didn’t always think to take a photo of them. These are just some of the wall murals that I see pretty much every day.

Kyiv Street Art
Ukrainian St George by AEC
Kyiv Street Art - Blue Birds

I think this one is my favourite:

Kyiv Street Art
Traditional Girl
Kyiv Street Art - Time for Change

I got in a bit of trouble for standing on the grassy curb while admiring this one. The security guard was not impressed.

Kyiv Street Art
Kyiv Street Art

A quick google search shows several walking tours that are on offer here in Kyiv. I’m officially on the look out for wall murals now but I still want to be surprised so I’m forgoing the $45 official tours and will stick to being delighted by coming upon them myself.

So I won’t be walking down the same old sidewalks anymore. Though there is some sense to that since some of them are in pretty rough shape. I’m looking forward to seeing how frequently these pop up.

How Much Things Cost – Kyiv Ukraine

Well, I think that $45 is a bit steep for a walking tour here in Kyiv. I also think that the 300₴ for the yoga class that I’ve been invited to is more than a little absurd – $15 !?!

Barber shops are a new thing here in Kyiv. It’s quite the fad. And locals and expats alike pay $20 for a shot of whisky and a cut. They’re all over the place.

Traditionally men’s cuts are done in the regular hair salons right with the women. Rob got his hair cut at the перукарня (perukarnya) in our neighbourhood for 100₴ (five bucks). He didn’t get a shot of whisky but it was a very nice cut.

Kyiv Ukraine men's hair cut 100 ₴

Hannah and Emma went to the same place a few days later and enjoyed a wash, cut and style for 300₴ each (just over $15). It took a couple hours and the hair dresser was friendly, gracious and attentive. No english. Both girls were delighted with their new sleek hair styles. And I people watched while waiting – none of the half dozen men tipped for their cut. And our hair dresser tried to make change for the 700₴ that we gave her for the girls. It was a well-deserved tip IMO.

Wrap It Up!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here. We’re going on six weeks now and have had one rain storm and two days of cold snap. Otherwise, the sun is shining and the temperature is pretty warm with a high of 27 degrees or so. Fortunately the mornings are cool now and there is most often a breeze.

I haven’t got tired of the view. Every morning I marvel that its mine to enjoy.

I only went out for lunch twice this week. It’s nice to meet up with other expats and I prefer the company. But I’ll likely head out on my own today.

Our air shipment came in yesterday so I lost a good portion of the day unpacking the little we had sent that way. Good kitchen knives!

Though we should have, we did not maximize our allotted air shipment. Our apartment still looks like a huge hotel suite – some furniture. But no colour and nothing on the shelves. I’m actually looking forward to a bit of clutter.

Enjoy your weekend friends! I’m thinking of you all.

From Kyiv with love,

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