Kruger Park – Self Drive Visit

Considered one of the biggest game parks in South Africa the Kruger National Park which was formally established in 1926 covers over 19,000 square kilometres. We bought a South Africa National Parks pass which gave us unlimited access to the park and we drove our rented Toyota Corolla (Quest – a car with no pick-up btw) into the park four times!

The conditions of entrance are that you drive on the paved or graded dirt roads and that you only exit the car in designated areas. Funny enough, the best views of the animals are when they cross the roads. Sadly we did not see any lions or leopards (although we saw a group of people looking at a leopard about a kilometre a way). We had one fright when our car was charged by an elephant but other than that it was an amazing time to see the animals at our own pace.

I see you

Kruger Gate Entrance. Paul Kruger was the President of the Transvaal Republic when the Park was first established in 1898. It became a National Park in 1926.

The Impala

The most common type of antelope in the park with an estimated population of over 120,000. The animals are fun to watch as they snort and bray while chasing each other.

The male typically has a group of females that he is responsible for.
Females are often in groups and stay close together with the young.

The Giraffe

Baby Giraffe with Mother and Father
The male has darker spots and is often solitary
Younger Giraffe enjoying the sunshine and eating leaves

Can’t Talk – Eating!
I am not amused!

The Birds of Kruger

Check out the hair-do!
The Bald Eagle
A beautiful looking bird
A not so beautiful bird eating a bug
A crane, I think?
Bald Eagle in the Trees
A Heron along the water
We called this the dumb bird as many of them ran in front of the car.

The Kudu

Camera Shy!
Cool Horns!
The female with no antlers and big ears!
A young buck looking for some action!

The Burchell Zebra

I know. This is not a Zebra but they were following him like he was their leader!
He has stripes like a Zebra and he met up with a brother
Closeup and personal
I like the Mohawk!
I think we should follow the Buffalo looking guy with the stripes!

The Kruger Water Babies

We weren’t sure if these were hippos or just lumps in the water. The zoomed in photo confirmed they are hippos!
The Crocodile – Only a face a mother can love!
At the entrance to Kruger Park!

The Elephants!

I am going to cross the road!
Enjoying the river on a hot day!
Okay! Let’s get going they are watching!

I am young hear me roar!

Watch out for the Smaller Guys of Kruger

Watched this gecko crossing the road while doing a bit of funky dance (regrets we did not capture on video)
Not sure if the pavement was too hot or not!
This guy was just out for a stroll!
Why did the Turtle cross the road?
Because he likes to hold up traffic!

The Ververt Monkey

At the entrance to the hotel looking for food to steal!
I am too cool!
This kid is always hungry!
I am too cute!

The Buffalo

We came across a herd that were just lounging about enjoying the dirt – except for one randy fellow that was trying to …. you know …
A close-up of the buffalo in a herd crossing the road while we all watch!

We caught this guy enjoying a mud bath!

Sunset or Sunrise?

Arriving first thing in the morning or towards the end of the day really doesn’t matter at Kruger Park as you are bound to see some animals. In fact we toured at dawn, mid-day, and sunset and saw all different types of animals. We were fortunate to see many although we missed out on the big cats. Although we did see some vultures feast on a likely lion kill. We stayed at the Protea Kruger Gate (by Marriott) which was a kilometre down the road from the park. It was awesome and the staff were extremely friendly.

A perfect day in Kruger Park


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