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We’re Travelling Around the World

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We’re a family of five about to start some slow travel around the world. Well, relatively slow.

We’re sharing our adventure here so family and friends can follow along. The blog will also give the kids a medium to challenge a few highschool credits when we get back.

We’ve been planning some type of adventure for several years now and it’s morphed into this slow and not very ambitious itinerary that we have now.

Initially we were going to buy a sail boat and go cruising around the world. So we took some liveaboard courses and chartered a sail boat a few years in a row. Then one day of mildly bad weather ended that plan.

Then we were going to live in four or five South American countries for a few months each. But turns out our wanderlust goes much further than that so we decided to be more ambitious and travel the world. Though going all the way around is not a goal.

Now I’m kind of wishing we were back to travelling just South America because planning this round the world adventure is sometimes overwhelming.

Who We Are – A World Travel Family

Hannah, Colleen, Ben, Rob & Emma in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Rob and Colleen are both in their late forties. Colleen is the chief financial officer and resident life hacker. She does things either half-assed or a bit crazy. Oddly enough she’s always seeking balance.

Rob is mostly just along for whatever ride Colleen has planned. Overall, he’s pretty laid back and up for anything. Oh… he just asked me to add that he has dashing good looks too.

Hannah is 16 years old and will be missing grade 11. She describes herself as very ‘humile’ and as you can see she likes to make up words. She just got her G1 driver’s licence and is excited to hurry up and wait until we get back until she can start practicing.

Emma is turning 15 soon and missing grade 10. She used to be a chatty Cathy but now we have to pester her for details about anything. We often call her Emma Dilemma because it fits. Like Hannah, she is super happy to help us out with whatever we need.

Ben is 10.

Both girls have been looking forward to this trip for years. Ben, however, doesn’t really want to go anywhere that involves exploring or walking in general. His ambition is to be a professional video game tester and he already has exceptional gaming skills for some reason. So being part of a world travel family is obviously a conflict of interest.

That’s us!

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