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August 2017 we retired in our late forties and went on a long trip around the world with our three kids.  They’re not little kids. The two oldest are at the end of high school and the youngest is just finishing up grade six.

We’re Colleen and Rob, Hannah, Emma and Ben.

Hannah, Colleen, Ben, Rob & Emma in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Round the World Travel, Teens & Early Retirement is NOT an Oxymoron

A trip around the world does take a bit of planning to pull off, especially with three older kids. Combine some early retirement in there for an interesting challenge.

Traditional early retirement was a solid goal from 2006 onward. I say, ‘traditional’ early retirement because we’re not digital nomads and this blog is not a source of income.

The RTW travel part evolved over the four years prior to our departure. Colleen took a 20% pay reduction during that time and then received a paid ‘sabbatical’ year in exchange for the deferred salary. This was a good safety net and she didn’t formally resign until we returned to Canada.

Right now we’re back in Canada. And we’re starting a new travel adventure.

What About High School?

Yes, we took the kids out of school. No, we didn’t home school. With some planning and a bit of effort on their part, they’re on track to graduate as scheduled.

All three kids missed a year of formal education in the Ontario curriculum (specifically grades 11, ten and five).  And then they re-enrolled into the next grade even more smoothly than we had expected.  Both the girls loved our year of travel and have been fiercely bit by the bug.

Hannah is 17 years old now and finishing grade 12. She received early acceptance into both of her top choices of University programs. So she won’t be joining us for all of our next adventure. But you can bet she’ll meet up with us when she can.

Emma is in grade 11 and just had her 16th birthday.  She has some special grade 12 plans that we’re all jealous about. So she won’t be with us for a good chunk of 2019 either.

That leaves us with Ben who will be twelve this May. We do have a plan for grade seven but nothing is solid at this point. Ben insists he is not a big fan of ‘travel’. He loves vacation though. Sometimes we use trickery to get around the semantics.

Traveling with teens, Holiday Inn Panama Canal
Sampling hamburgers around the world!

Expat Plans & Un-Retiring

Yes, Rob un-retired. Sometimes to his dismay. Colleen was not surprised though. He seems to be that type.

Regardless, it’s a great opportunity and now we’ve started a new adventure.

Colleen is still retired despite kind of being a SAHM. Certainly she’s not staying home.

So this is us!

As always, thanks for reading,
Colleen and Rob