Hoi An (Ancient Town)

Getting caught up on posts.  Who knew that being retired and travelling is so much work!

Hoi An was an international trading hub for Southern Vietnam in the 16th and 17th centuries.  French, Japanese, Dutch and Indian traders established their own quarters in the town and participated in trading fairs that were four to six months long.


The ancient city has limited vehicle traffic and is surrounded on all sides by the modern city/town.  We stayed in two locations, Moon’s Homestay and the Phu Thinh Resort & Spa (read).  Both locales provided a unique perspective of the city and gave us an opportunity to do further exploring.

Lanterns and Restaurants, Oh My!

Cura Dai Street adorned with lanterns
The lanterns are made of silk pieces and lit up at night
French Colonial influence in the architecture
Checking menus for best value

Nha Hang Restaurant

The service was a little slow because the woman taking our order was also making the food.  It was so good we came back a second time!

Awesome restaurant with great prices
A one woman show

The photos in this restaurant highlight the flood that took place in 2011.  We could see the flood lines as we sat at dinner.  Extensive damage!

Family home and temple

Door hinge is awesome


close up of door hinge
beams in private house / temple
Ben feels the heat and is not interested in hearing more about temples or history
Colleen examines doors that have built in wind screen
well kept private house
Private Temple
Family temple
Close up of temple altar
drawing of Buddha

Ice Cream

The temperature in the city was hovering around 40 degrees Celsius + humidity.  The overpriced ice cream was a nice break!

Decisions! Decisions!
Choosing the flavours
The happiness of ice cream

Japanese Covered Bridge

The signature piece of architecture in the Ancient Town is this bridge which was made in the 16th century.  It was destroyed many times by fire and rebuilt.

Outside view of Japanese Covered Bridge
Main beam in Japanese Covered Bridge
View looking out from the Japanese Covered Bridge. The street in the distance leads to our homestay.
Description of Japanese Covered Bridge
Altar inside the Japanese Covered Bridge
Dog Guard at Japanese Covered Bridge
Symbols of Protection – Japanese Covered Bridge CHECK THIS
The Monkey Guard
Exiting the Japanese Covered Bridge
The Monkey side of the Bridge
Private Home – rooftop
Private Home – Lantern
Private Home and adjacent book store
Another lantern in family home

Walking along the Hoai River

Good shot with no garbage
Boat ride anyone?
Walking along the water
Xin Chao – Hello – Good name for a store
Enjoying the View
Drinking Iced Tea in Hoi An
The bridge to the Ancient Town is lit up
Our street is alive with people
Lit up dragon
Along the waterfront
Crowds are out at night


7,000,000 Dong – I am buying this place!

We went for a walk through the town and into the newer sections.  On the way back we stumbled across this property.  My initial read got me thinking that this was a for sale sign and that they were asking between 5 and 7 million dong (between $270 and $380CAD. The amounts listed were fines for removing rubbish and not prices for the property!

This means For Sale or does it?
Great bones for a house


Lunch in Hoi An at Nha Hang Restaurant

Break from the heat
Flowers adorn the front of the restaurant


Celebrating Emma’s 15th birthday in Vietnam

Being on the road celebrating birthdays is going to be hard as we need to limit the size of the gifts.  We ended up getting Emma a backpack and some earrings.  We also fixed her phone at a reasonable price.

Presents at breakfast at Moon’s Homestay
A new backpack
Emma’s phone is brand new – don’t ask
Emma gets black pearl earrings from Vietnam
Flower Delivery!


Hoi An is a beautiful town and well worth a visit.  It is a must see if you ever make it to Vietnam.


2 Replies to “Hoi An (Ancient Town)”

  1. Wow Beautiful pics. I like the town at night. So if you remove garbage you get fined! Well I guess the sing maker made a mistake and no wonder the city has garbage everywhere. I wonder if the person has a job. How does the mayor like the sign…what , I said adding rubbish not removing…..#!$#. Ok I will ask what is up with Emma’s phone. That should be a birthday she remembers for the rest of her life.

    1. Emma dropped her phone. Again. This time the screen cracked. And it was so bad the phone was unusable. Finding a place to repair it was an adventure in itself.

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