Groceries, Toiletries & Cerveza in Quito, Ecuador

Vegetable selection at SuperMaxi

I previously reported that we spent about $36 USD per day at the grocery in Quito. And that dining out probably would have been cheaper.

That’s not really accurate. I’ve updated my spread sheet and can see the real numbers with some real math.

Although we did typically spend about $36 USD at the grocery store for each shop, we didn’t shop everyday. And I wasn’t always good at breaking out the inedible items, like the toilet paper and laundry soap that we had to buy for the first time. And then there were other kitchen start up costs that weren’t already in the fridge or cupboard like condiments, cooking oil and spices.

So it was less expensive to cook for ourselves than dining out. But not by much. Dining out is worth the not so big splurge in Quito.

Unfortunately I only had one grocery receipt that was still readable. I also broke out some individual items in the notebook in which I record ALL our spending. So for those of you who love this kind of data, here are some prices for things we bought in Ecuador:

Deli Vegetable Sandwiches with a side of plantain chips – $7.83

I wish I kept more of the receipts. But you can see that vegetables are super cheap, so long as their local.

Directly from the grocery receipt:

$2.18  400 gram block of gouda cheese
$2.75  275 grams Italian deli salami
$0.08 two large tomatoes
$0.06 two grenn peppers
$0.05 large field cucumber
$0.09 one large Spanish onion
$1.29 fresh bakery bread
$1.33 bag plantain chips
$1.76 Snob mango jam

We had left over deli meat and cheese. And the mango jam was for breakfast. These loaded vegetable and salami sandwiches were a favorite for lunch.

The Price of Smelling Nice and Some Other Girl Stuff

Toiletries have been a challenge at times. What with unrecognizable brands. Or extra ingredients like whitening agents for skin care products.

Quito had a nice but limited selection of brands we like. These aren’t the prices I’d necessarily pay for them in Canada, but we’ve seen .them for way worse

$14.78 Hawaian Tropic sunscreen
$3.29 Old Spice deodorant
$4.31 Fructis shampoo/conditioner
$7.46 St Ives apricot face scrub
$7.52 Visage toner

Club Beer

Bebidas Necesario – $0.91 Beer

Of course, I’m always curious to know what we spend on our very bad habits, so I have data on beer and wine:

$5.25 white Chilean wine (probably a Pinot Grigio)
$7.92 white Californian wine (probably a Pinot Grigio)
$0.91 Club (that’s the name), Pilsner was really good too

Certainly we’ve enjoyed cheaper beer on this world trip (Cambodia!), but at 91 cents from the grocer we never bothered to find a distribution center. Even the cerveza at a restaurant was affordable – 3 for $5 during a seemingly perpetual Happy Hour.

Cost of Lunch in the Historic Center – $14

Lunch out for the five of us in the historic center of Quito was $14 inlcuding tip. That was for Menu del Dia with choice of chicken or beef with lentils, rice, ‘salad’ and a drink. Very delicious. Though, this was not a western tourist restaurant. There were plenty of South American tourists and we blended right in!

Ice Cream – $1.60

$1.60 for three soft cone ice cream. Again in the historic center. Again, it was a ‘local’ shop. We’ve seen plenty of well-known ice cream shops on this trip but we don’t like the crazy western prices. Oh though, McDonald’s soft cones are the exception since they mostly have local prices.

So there you go! This is a snapshot of daily living costs for Quiito Ecuador. I’ve saved up our receipts for Panama and Nicaragua so I can provide more detail next time.

All prices are USD since that’s what they use in Ecuador.

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    1. Hello J! We love checking out local stores too. Even when our food is included somewhere else it’s a good peek into daily life.

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