The Acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis is a beautiful site to visit and explore the rich history of Ancient Greece. The signage was fairly good so no need to hire a guide but it would be worthwhile to brush up on your history so you have a better idea of what you are looking at. The entrance was 20 Euros per adult and free for the kids. It was worth a one day visit on top of our touring around Athens.

The Porch of the Caryatids

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Our First Days in Athens

As the last days of our time in Nicaragua faded we were looking at options on where to go next. I had seen enough of South and Central America that I wanted to see something different. We were thinking Spain or Portugal as they are generally cheap destinations – budget travel, remember? Our family meeting ended with general agreement to go to Greece (although one voted to go home – take a guess!) and what a smart decision it was! The only funny part was the cheapest airfare to get there was routing through Toronto so we spent three days in rainy/cold Toronto to replenish some necessities, meet up with my brother Don, and get ready for a long flight to Greece.

The Goddess Athena

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Bloukrans Bridge – The World’s Highest Bungee Bridge Jump

It’s debatable if Bloukrans Bridge is a ‘you don’t travel all the way to South Africa and not jump off’ experience or just an adrenalin junkie kind of thing to spend your money on.
Regardless, we knew Bloukrans Bridge was a ‘for sure’ stop on our South African Road Trip and we gave everyone the chance to opt in. Or not.
Hannah and Emma opted in.

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Kruger Park – Self Drive Visit

Considered one of the biggest game parks in South Africa the Kruger National Park which was formally established in 1926 covers over 19,000 square kilometres. We bought a South Africa National Parks pass which gave us unlimited access to the park and we drove our rented Toyota Corolla (Quest – a car with no pick-up btw) into the park four times!

The conditions of entrance are that you drive on the paved or graded dirt roads and that you only exit the car in designated areas. Funny enough, the best views of the animals are when they cross the roads. Sadly we did not see any lions or leopards (although we saw a group of people looking at a leopard about a kilometre a way). We had one fright when our car was charged by an elephant but other than that it was an amazing time to see the animals at our own pace.

I see you

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