Colleen left me in Singapore!

Yep, It is True

Colleen and I parted ways in Bangkok and we went our separate ways to Singapore.  Fortunately, I got the kids and a lot of support.

So What Happened?

Now that I have your attention. I need to get one thing off my chest.  Being a little competitive I have noticed that Colleen gets more reads on her posts, and more comments.  This is like someone pouring my beer on the floor or a Shakespearean actor smiting me so that I am slain (thank-you Hannah for the quote).  I need your help so provide a response to the post in the comments section and boost my ego (tastefully as this is a family blog)!

As for Colleen leaving me… it is true. Although it was only for a couple of days so she could meet up with her girlfriend from Hong Kong.  I got to tour Singapore, try to stay on budget, and be supervised by the kids in a very expensive city.

The Bangkok Miracle Lounge (one of three)

We said goodbye to Colleen as she boarded her plane to Singapore and we headed to the airport lounge.  Where else do you go when your wife leaves you?  With a two hour window (based on free wifi) to use the lounge pass we went to the Miracle lounge. Travel Hack (my own!) share the wifi passcode with multiple users to increase wifi time and go to the main lounge as it is huge!  It was enough to eat chicken wings, potato chips, salad, pastries and ice cream.  For some ungodly reason it is the first time I didn’t drink beer in a lounge.

Enjoying ice cream at the Miracle Lounge
The quiet part of the lounge – all to ourselves!
Thai Airways – a great way to fly

On the Bus

We stayed in Little India at the Holiday Inn Express.  It was a good location for walking about and catching the bus.  The bus is broken into zones so it was $1.670SGD which is a little cheaper than OC Transpo in Ottawa but no family day pass so for the four of us it quickly added up.

We took the bus to the downtown area over two days.

Ben loved sitting in the double decker at the front
The police put out signage at accident sites, or in neighbourhoods to let people know about break-ins. Smart idea!

Fort Canning Park – the Friendly Park

I fell so alone!
At the entrance to the Park
Foster’s do know how to smile – on occasion
Magnificent Trees on Canning Hill which has a commanding view of Singapore!
Flowers in bloom
Singapore is a very green city, flowers everywhere!
The giant thorn tree – not so friendly looking?
Close-up of the thorns growing on the tree
A welcome sign to the Park!
Hmmmm .. real friendly, I guess we shouldn’t go in there!

It turns out that the top of the hill is a water reservoir which is still in use hence the security on it, although a bit extreme!

Military Gate left from when the British surrendered Singapore to the Japanese
At the exit to the bunker where the British made the decision to surrender Singapore to the Japanese
The wall has a series of memorials from the early days of Singapore.
Captain Leslie, who died in 1812

Walking to Clarke Quay

Down the road from Fort Canning Park is Clarke Quay which has numerous shops and restaurants.  We stared at the massive of king crabs from Alaska and Australia, the Pacific and Atlantic lobsters and lots of fish.

We couldn’t decide whether the trampolines were locked up or whether you are supposed to jump on them sideways after being hooked up?
A conversation of statues
A great statue of kids jumping into the water
A burger and fries brought up the morale for more sightseeing!

Back to the Hotel

Ben and Emma stayed at the hotel after we finished another two hours of sightseeing downtown including the Parliament Buildings and the Supreme Court.  Sorry, nothing fancy so no photos.

Hannah and I carried on to East Coast Park and walked along the water looking at the hundreds of transport ships in the water.

All the transport ships alongside East Coast Park
Dad gets his energy back!

I went for a run in the morning and came across a sign for Canadian pizza.  I took it as an important revelation on what to have for dinner.  So we had Canadian pizza, made by an Indian couple in Singapore.  Meat lovers and a classic Canadian.  They were the best pizzas we have had in Asia!  I do have to say that the guy who took my order should be an honorary Canadian as when I asked him where to get the cheapest beer he directed me to the right place!  I saved about $3.00CAD on my purchase – oh and the pizza was cheaper than most of our meals!

A chain in Singapore – my theory – everyone wants to be Canadian!

Merlion Park

For day 2 we went to Merlion Park and the Gardens on the Bay which is a beautiful park.  It was fairly warm, although not as hot as some places, so we did a detour into a shopping mall for the air conditioning.  Armani, Gap, Ferrari kids, and a DC Comics store.  Not sure who can afford to shop there!

A combination hotel and condominium apartments with a boat on top in the distance.
The Merlion of Singapore!
I believe this building is supposed to resemble a Durian – a really stinky type of fruit.
Hannah views one of the bronze castings of the Thinker, by Rodin, in Singapore.
Want to take a ride in a boat in a shopping mall? Who does that?
Ben with a statue of Batman outside the DC store. Only $70.00SGD for a baseball cap.
The Gardens on the Bay is spectacular with these giant monstrosities showcasing vegetation
A biosphere in the distance looks like an alien ship landed
Walking along the water
Walking up the stairs with a water fall built into it
Searching for blue dragonflies along the garden walkway
Pausing for a photo
Dang it is hot!

Our trip to Singapore was a whirlwind.

It was necessary to break up our trip in Thailand as our visa-free stay is only good for 30 days and we had a fixed departure date for Italy that would have put us past that. So our choices were either Laos or Singapore.  Going to Singapore was a nice change, albeit expensive, from our experiences in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.  Perhaps we’ll make it to Laos in the future but not this time.

You’ll be happy to know that Colleen and I are back together and will have more experiences to share from Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

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7 Replies to “Colleen left me in Singapore!”

  1. I stayed at the Mandarin Oriental when I was on HLTA in Singapore, loved it. I guess I’m on team “Col Rob (ret’d)” if it brings up the post numbers. I hope Colleen doesn’t hate me for it. Have fun!

    1. Hi Pat, Thanks for the post. Singapore was nice although it had a bit of an Orlando feel to it. Would have been great for an HLTA! Hope all is well. Keep the posts coming so I can raise my numbers! Rob

  2. Singapore, looks like a beautiful city. Did you notice many rules? It is after all a benevolent dictatorship or so I am told. It looks clean. I imagine it is very similar to Canada in terms of developement except for the heat, and the rules of course, and politics ….

    1. Don, Yep super clean and orderly. I didn’t check on the politics too much. The people seemed very friendly and social. Rob

  3. Always happy to encourage healthy husband/wife competition! Enjoying all the posts and living vicariously through you all! Say hi to everyone!

      1. Thinking of my favourite veterans today (you guys) and all your colleagues past and present. Thank you for your service. ??

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