Peru – Where We Stayed, a Little Travel Hack, and More

Unassuming exterior of the Palacio del Inka in Cusco

Rob tells me that in his last post he didn’t go into any details about our accommodation in Cusco.

The Palacio del Inka – A Luxury Collection Hotel by Starwood was an excellent place to stay so I figured I better get on my butt and write about it.

Of course I can’t be brief, so here are all the details on where we stayed, what we ate and how we got around in and between Cusco, Aguas Caliente (Machu Picchu Puebla) and Lima during our 16 nights in Peru.

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Extend Your Aeroplan Mileage Account

Aeroplan has an easy offer on their website that can help anyone extend their mileage expiration date.

You need to watch a short video and answer just two questions about it. Access the Aeroplan direct link to the video  here.

You earn just 100 Aeroplan Miles but it’s perfect to restart the one year expiration clock. And it only took me two minutes.

This is perfect timing for us because we’re flying on award flights, not revenue fares, so we may not earn Aeroplan Miles while we’re abroad.


11 Nights in Japan – $1,630.16

Getting close to the end of our time in Vietnam, I realized that I haven’t tallied up our expenses for Japan. The delay was initially due to waiting for charges, especially cash advances, to show up on the credit card. Then it was just lack of momentum.

All in, our 11 nights in Japan cost this family of five $1,630.16 Canadian.

That’s for everything. Flights from Boston to Tokyo, Tokyo to Kyoto round trip, all hotel fees we paid (only one night was a paid stay), all meals, currency conversion fees, activities and rail transport to get around the cities. That last one was by far our largest expense. Oh, and any miscellany as well. Check out the details below: Continue reading “11 Nights in Japan – $1,630.16”

First Impressions of Kyoto

This is my view as I’m writing this. The photo does not do it justice. And we can only capture one section of it (photo tips welcome). There is a zoo directly below and five elephants rambling by not 700 metres away. Dozens of temples. And too many gorgeous green hills in the near distance to count.

Aside from the Japanese writing everywhere, Tokyo could have (almost) been any other large city with a temple thrown in every few blocks. In Kyoto… I feel like I am in a different country. Completely. This is what I’ve been waiting for… distant lands. Continue reading “First Impressions of Kyoto”

How to Travel from Ottawa to Boston for only $1.19 (those are Canadian dollars!!) plus fuel…

Our $1.19 one way drop off National Car Rental

Many of you may be wondering why we’re flying out of Boston instead of Ottawa….

It’s certainly a fair question.  And I’m happy to share. So sorry…

The biggest reason is simply because I found five business class seats on Japan Airlines in their Sky Suites. I booked those seats using award miles from Alaska MIles. I have never flown on Alaska Air but I can still earn (and convert to) their mileage program quite easily. Certainly enough for all five of us to fly in business class half way around the world. And with a free stopover to boot!

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