Sweet Spots and Travel Hacking – Airfare

Japan Airlines Business Class Sky Suites – Boston to Tokyo

One of the most common questions I get about our world travel plans is how much all the hotels and airfare for a family of five are going to cost. Well, so far we’ve spent $511.16 for all the flights we’ve booked to date. Between the five of us that’s 20 one way flights, seven of which are in business class.  Continue reading “Sweet Spots and Travel Hacking – Airfare”

So, How Much is this Round the World Trip Going to Cost?

Well, Boston was our first budget buster location. Though we knew that going in. It came in at a whopping $426 Canadian per day. And that is hacked.

Admittedly it was for a family of five. But if we continue our around the world travel at this pace we’d tap in at a total trip budget of just under $156,000! Let’s add some more exclamation marks there!!! That’s just not an option. Continue reading “So, How Much is this Round the World Trip Going to Cost?”