Bloukrans Bridge – The World’s Highest Bungee Bridge Jump

It’s debatable if Bloukrans Bridge is a ‘you don’t travel all the way to South Africa and not jump off’ experience or just an adrenalin junkie kind of thing to spend your money on.
Regardless, we knew Bloukrans Bridge was a ‘for sure’ stop on our South African Road Trip and we gave everyone the chance to opt in. Or not.
Hannah and Emma opted in.

I’m fiercely proud of both of them. Emma for being completely fearless. And Hannah for her steadfast determination.
Emma loves roller coasters and speed. She relishes things that make others ill.
Hannah, not so much. But if you bet she won’t try something, you’ll lose.
Hannah – once the little girl Mom watched falter at the top of the staircase at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa. They made it up no problem. But when it was time to descend, Mom saw clearly how debilitating a fear of heights could be. She tried to coax Hannah down. Perhaps butt bumps would do. She clutched the banister paralyzed with fear. Fortunately there was an elevator.

These videos are worth the watch. I love them!

Hannah and Emma opted in to jump off Bloukrans Bridge – the highest bungee bridge jump in the world! This just so happened to be their first bungee jump experience ever!

The girls finished harness prep and get a photo with the Face Adrenalin poster


Emma First to Go

Emma and her perfect leap was a 10 out of 10



Hannah Up Next

Hannah waiting to jump! What is she thinking?

Hannah enjoys a nice ride up after the jump of a lifetime!

The Jump Is Over – Let’s do it again?

We are extremely proud of Hannah and Emma for having the courage and conviction to follow through on this crazy activity. Truthfully, Emma wanted to the jump as soon as Colleen (Mom) mentioned the possibility before we left Canada. Hannah, on the other hand, would not let her little sister get all the glory so she opted in as well. Rob (Dad) was happy to stay a back bencher on this one! And Ben says he’ll do it when he is old enough!

Happy it is over but wishing to do it again!


Difficult to Describe

Both Hannah and Emma have a difficult time describing their experience. It wasn’t a thrill like on a roller coaster. It was like flying. Free, incredibly peaceful, quiet, beautiful. Somehow timeless, yet not long enough.

Good to Know

Bloukrans Bridge was completed in 1983 and is 216 metres high. The bungee operation was started by Face Adrenalin and has been operating there since 1997 – without an accident.
The jump costs 1,000 rand ($100 CDN). Minimum age is 14. You can pre-book a time slot online but you have to show up one hour before your jump time. Drop ins are welcome but there could be delays trying to fit you in. There are no refunds for backing out on the bridge.
We dropped in at 1 p.m. without a booking because we were driving from Port Elizabeth to Knysna Quays and this was a stop enroute. It took 45 minutes to go through the registration/indemnity process, get kitted up and briefed, and before we knew it, Hannah, Rob and Emma were walking along a suspended corridor under the bridge. Family can walk the suspended walkway and live vicariously for 150 rand ($15 CDN). Ben and Colleen watched from a viewing point across from the bridge.
The site is clearly marked and has plenty of free parking. There is a snack bar with a good viewing area as well as a live video feed of the brave souls. It’s fun to watch.

Second jumps within one week of the first have a 20% discount!

The girls have dropped the hint several times.





7 Replies to “Bloukrans Bridge – The World’s Highest Bungee Bridge Jump”

  1. WOW. Very cool. I would not want to do that for a $100 dollars let alone pay for it but my hat is off to HANNAH and EMMA ! Well done indeed!
    So, Rob….your excuse was….? No worries I freely admit I am a coward when it comes to heights and I would not have done it. Great pics and video. I have the pics of the girls proudly on my computer for all to see at work!

  2. That is fantastic! It’s an amazing feeling to surpass yourself and that that leap of faith! Loved the videos… any chance you’ll give in and bring them back for round 2?

    1. Hi Nat,

      Wifi has been iffy so I am responding now. I thought about going back to jump off myself and bring the girls but we ran out of time and had to move on to our next site. We are in Cape Town and just finished visiting the penguins and the Cape of Good Hope.


  3. All I can say is this… you girls both put Auntie to shame…..looks so cool and fun but i think my lunch would make it down there faster…

    Hannah your face looks just like it did when the hand rail at the Sky walk in Jasper ended all of a sudden 🙂

    Very proud of you girls

    Ben happy Birthday…Aunty has had a very crazy month and didnt mean to miss it
    Love you All

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