… And We are Back

After 19 days, 8 ports, 6,000 nautical miles and $975CAD in tips we are back on terra firma (thanks Estelle for the word choice!). We are currently in Buenos Aires and looking at options of where to go next.  As a side note, the water going down the drain or when you flush does go counter clockwise!

Posting Catch Up

We’ll be doing catch up posts over the next couple of to include our time in Italy which was fabulous, the Costa Cruise and what we are up to in South America.

School Work

On the ground in Buenos Aires the girls are catching up on homework, and we are doing planning (okay Colleen is) and Ben is recovering from a bad cold. The girls got interim report cards and both are doing very well. Ben has read three novels since being on the trip: Spy School, Spy School Summer Camp and the Magician’s Elephant. The first two are by Stuart Gibbs and the last one is by Kate DiCamilo.  Good reads for boys that are around ten years old and maybe in their forties, although Ben liked the spy stuff more than the elephant story.


Colleen and I have enjoyed a bottle or two of red wine at the lounge and getting back into having a few drinks as we went dry on the cruise (mainly to cut costs and break the routine). I would be drinking beer but the lounge only offers wine – what’s up with that? When in Rome …. funny Rome will be the next post!

Final Thoughts on Posting

One thing of interest is the readership of our blog is hard to decipher from the analytics provided by Google or by the internal engines. Our biggest view day was in August when we started and the last spike was in November when I posted the 100 days milestone. Apparently most people read the blog on Saturday around 7pm? I find that surprising as I would think most people read on way to/from work or as leisure permits. My request to have people post comments went largely unheeded with only one additional comment beyond the usual suspects (thanks Pat).  As always, if you read the blog, add a comment so we can gauge interest.


7 Replies to “… And We are Back”

  1. Well, I am glad to hear that the toilet flush’s the correct Canadian Way. It would have beed disturbing otherwise.

    Glad to see you back on line and looking forward to your adventures in Italy and on the cruise.

  2. I have been incognito and negligent in my sisterly duties of reading your blog for a bit… I beg for forgiveness…. Had 2 of my 3 littles from down the street( Alysha and Ethan} for the last week of Nov while their mother father and baby sister ( Haileigh) drove to Thunder Bay for Robs moms funeral… few other things going on that has kept me busy but will send an email soon to fill you in…

    We have loved all the stories… Keep them coming Love you all and I promise to keep up to date .

    How did you like the cruise??? I loved ours even tho it was only a week we enjoyed the ports food and relaxation… only thing I would have changed is longer time in port but it gave us ideas for future trips to Mexico and where we would want to go.

    Miss you all …

    1. Hi Tammy, sorry to hear about Rob’s mom. Hope all is well with you and your grand family as you get ready for Christmas! Rob and Colleen

  3. Hello,
    My name is Julia and I believe we have a mutual friend in Ann Penner. When I was telling her a few weeks ago about our plans for a world trip in a few years, she told me about you and gave me the address for your blog. I love it! I especially love the detailed information about where you stay, budget details, and other random info tips (like VISAs).
    Thanks for your postings and I look forward to reading more (though I do so sporadically and then I read a whole bunch at a time.)

    1. Hi Julia,

      Thanks for your interest in our blog and your kind comments. We just relocated to La Paz, Bolivia so were out of internet contact for a couple of days. We’ll be doing updates to our recent cruise experience (a cheaper way to relocate across the Atlantic Ocean) and our travels in South America. All the best, Rob

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