100 Days on the Road

Everyone likes something different!

On the 13th of November we hit the milestone of 100 days travelling on the road. Aside from two of us throwing up to celebrate it was pretty non-eventful.  Both recovered fine and are back to normal but they were kind enough to pass the bug on to me.  I am slowly recovering but had to take a pass on running in Venice.

We did a poll of some of our favourite things and thought we would share as we will be off-line for about twenty days as the cruise we are going on will not have internet.  At least, we aren’t paying the extra fees for internet.

Favourite Place:

We have stayed in everything from a homestay to a 5-Star Resort with all the bells and whistles.  Each had its own charm and it is very difficult to highlight the best.

Ben – Phu Quoc – For the swimming and the relaxing

Emma – Rome – For the beauty

Hannah – Florence – it looks like the inside of a snow globe although Hoi An is a close second.

Colleen – undecided – it was all great!

Rob – Rome – Sunny and cool with an immense history – might have recency bias

Favourite Food:

Ben – Sushi in Phu Quoc and Burgers in Bangkok

Emma – Pad Thai in Chiang Mai

Hannah – Pad Thai in Chiang Mai and Banh Mi sandwiches in Hanoi

Colleen – Pad Thai at the Food Factory in Siem Reap

Rob – Fish Amok in Phnom Penh and Hannah’s Pad Thai in Ayutthaya

Favourite site or Activity

Ben – Swimming

Emma – Lantern Festival

Hannah – Crossing from Vietnam into Cambodia

Colleen – Angkor Wat

Rob – Angkor Wat

Favourite mode of Transportation:

We have travelled 32,930km by all modes of transportation: 7 times by car, 9 by airplane, 2 by bus, 5 by train and 1 by ferry not to count tuk-tuks, water taxis, and pick-up trucks.

Ben – 1st class airplane rides – “in the pod”

Emma – Cambodian Tuk-Tuks and the Canal Boat in Bangkok

Hannah – Cambodian Tuk-Tuks and Trains in Thailand

Colleen – Canal Boats in Bangkok

Rob – #2 Driver spot Tuk Tuk in Chiang Mai

Best Breakfast

Most of the places we stayed included a breakfast, usually as a result of platinum benefits, which is important when you are travelling as a family of five.  The best breakfasts were:

Ben – Phu Quoc – They had everything including ice cream

Emma – Phu Quoc and the Aloft in Bangkok was a close second for the Eggs Benedict

Hannah – Le Meridien in Rome – smoked salmon and really good bread

Colleen – Phu Quoc – iced coffee and sushi

Rob – Moon’s Homestay – the omelette was awesome!

Least Favourite Thing:

Ben – rude people on airplanes

Emma – taxi drivers trying to scam

Hannah – waiting at restaurants for Mom and Dad to finish their Beer (this one is under protest)

Rob – People horking and loud people (a South East Asia thing)

Colleen – People horking and peeing on the side of the road (in cities and in the countryside) – and no we weren’t the ones peeing on the side of the road …

Our only group photo – Ha Long Bay


Well, we could add many more categories.  What would you like to see?  How is the blog and what could we do to make it more interesting?

As we finish writing this post we will spend another day in Venice and then likely be off-line until our cruise ship docks in Argentina.  Ciao!



3 Replies to “100 Days on the Road”

  1. I love the history, so keep it comming. The vidoes and pics, more please! More group photos! How about you video a run. That might be interesting. Why haven’t the kids posted? More Colleen as well! You should include her wheeling and dealing on a video! I would like to see that, and ……maybee not…… I might get intimidated!

    Mind you, I have enjoyed your writing as well. Overall I have enjoyed your family’s trip. I feel I am there with you when I read your blogs. I have enjoyed the sites. I liked the Mr. Stay story and can see why you all enjoyed southeast asia. Remember the story isn’t finished yet, only a thirdish and I look forward to your continuing adventure somewhat out there!

  2. Congrats on the 100 days! I like the summary of faves and think you guys are doing great with updates and photos! Have an awesome time on the cruise!

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